CarDealer Go Karting Final with Close Brothers Motor Finance

Go Karting Final with Close Brothers Motor Finance

We'd been following the CarDealer go-karting challenge regional rounds via - a bit of light reading whilst having the morning cuppa and a bagel... as you do. A few weeks ago we had a call out of the blue from Will Blackshaw, General Manager and Director at Blackshaws Garages in Alnwick and Morpeth, saying that he'd made it to the finals but 2 of his drivers had dropped out! This bombshell was swiftly followed by "can you two lasses come and race?"

Well. Sharron hadn't set foot in a go-kart for some 20 years, and Mary's only claim to go-karting fame was winning a karting race..... at her cousin's Hen Do, 5 years ago.

Our response? "Sure! Why not?" - Obviously!

TeamSport Karting track

So on the 4th March we set off to meet Will in Leicester at the TeamSport Karting track. We got kitted up with the lovely overalls and balaclavas (a.k.a coronavirus-safety-precaution-mask), grabbed a slice of pizza and headed in for the briefing. And didn't we find out there was a lot to remember! Different lights for this, black flags for that, penalty points here, potential disqualification there... We're looking nervous, and Will is looking like he's beginning to regret that phone call.

The Blackshaws team came 1st in the most recent race, so you can imagine we weren't remotely feeling the pressure. As the only female racers in the final, "hashtag women-in-the-motor-industry", we can at least say we held our own to an extent, in that we didn't lose. We came a proud 8th out of 10, 

Huge congratulations to those on the podium - Nick King Car Sales came first with 138 laps; The Bikers close behind with 137, and G3 Vehicle Auctions with 136.

A brilliant event by CarDealer and Close Brothers Motor Finance, and thank you very much Will Blackshaw for having faith in us and inviting us along!

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