Welcome to WeRecruit Auto

It's probably not the most conventional thing to start our Client page with a list of negatives - but let's address the elephant in the room when it comes to many people's opinions of recruitment agencies. What's the most frustrating thing about recruitment agencies? We can probably start you off with a long list!

  • "they hound me on the phone or with constant emails"
  • "they send over loads of rubbish CVs who don't match the experience I said I was looking for"
  • "they charge a fee then poach the candidate at a later date"
  • "if it doesn't work out after I've paid they're not interested"
  • "the fees are high"
  • "they'd place a candidate with me even if they felt the candidate wasn't in it for the long run"
  • "they change the CVs to make them look better than they are"

That's a pretty good start right? We can categorically tell you, we aren't that recruitment agency. We value our relationship with our clients extremely highly, and recognising the common weaknesses and failures of many recruitment agencies gives us the edge. If you've had any of the above frustrations, we'll do everything in our power to show you that we're different, and it's worth a little time with us to save you time in the long-run, and money.

Don't get us wrong. We'll want to communicate with you - this is very important! But tell us when and how suits you.

We aren't interested in sending you CVs to hit KPIs. We'd rather send 1 amazing candidate than 10 average - after all: we're here to save your time, not waste it.


Once we've placed a candidate, we'll keep in touch throughout their settling in period to make sure everything is going well. We will never contact them with other job opportunities.

If it doesn't work out - we want to know, ASAP! If you have concerns early on, please speak to us. Contrary to the popular opinion that if our candidate drops out, we're happy to have another opportunity for a second fee, it is far better with our relationship with you as our client (as well as our candidates) if it's a great fit and the candidate stays long term.

Your marketing spend goes on reaching out to and engaging with your customers/ clients. Ours goes on job boards and reaching out to the very best range of candidates - trust us when we say this soon stacks up, and we're not here to rip you off.

We conduct follow-up interview feedback with candidates. If you ask us our opinion, we'll tell you honestly. If we think someone will bite your hand off for the opportunity or just needs the job.

The only time we would re-word a candidate's CV is with them, to tailor it for an application or if it lacks detail. We'd never just make up the wording. We will edit the format so they're consistent for you to read - that's about it.

You have nothing to lose by speaking to us about assistance with your recruitment process. If we don't find you someone suitable, you won't pay us a penny.

If we work with you, we'll do our best to understand your business and promote it in the best way with our candidates, as well as on social media. We'll also refer business to you where we can!

If you'd like us to come and visit to get a better feel for your business, we'd love to. You provide the tea, we'll bring the cheese and biscuits!