Polestar who?

Polestar Plans for a Bigger Footprint

After seeing a headline about Polestar’s plans for a bigger footprint in the June edition of AM News, I'll admit I know and have heard very little about the brand! Vague recollections of it being connected with Volvo, and one of our neighbouring business owners’ has one, so I’ve seen one about on the road locally a little bit.

A read through of the AM article with Jonathan Goodman (CEO Polestar UK) and a bit of Google-ing later and I’m pretty intrigued, and interested to hear other peoples’ thoughts and experience. It has started as online only, however now has retailer partners with Endeavour Automotive (London Westfield) and Lookers (Trafford Centre Manchester). It looks as though you can test drive from Milton Keynes, Manchester, Harrogate, Cambridge and Westfield….

Are any of my contacts involved with the brand from a retailer perspective?? It looks as though Glasgow and Birmingham are due to open soon, although I’ve not seen anything about the retailer partners for those locations.

Polestart Vs Tesla/Citroen/DS

Polestar Vs Tesla – has anyone had first-hand experience of both? Or what are your thoughts in general?

Polestar Vs Citroen/DS – do you agree the logo is too similar? OK I can see it, although I’m not sure I’d have made an instant connection and assumed it was the same branding. Are Polestar allowed to retail in France now?

Polestar – when are you coming to Norwich!?

AM article here: https://cdn.am-online.com/media/1/digital-issue-categories/june-2021
Polestar website here: https://www.polestar.com

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