As we (finally) near the end of 2020....

The Year 2020 Draws to a Close

Hello - Mary here! Yesterday, Sharron and I attended a seminar on business growth from Mark Williams (Action Coach). Most of it was things that, if we take the time out of the day-to-day business, we know and have had training sessions on before. But it goes to show how important it is to keep yourself and your team regularly updated with training, bringing back to the forefront of your mind processes or areas to focus on.

We came away from the session and took the afternoon to sit with the laptop and do some long-overdue business planning. Praise the weather-Gods for sunshine, and hooray for wifi reaching into the garden! We focused on setting out some clarity in terms of our aims for the business over the next 12 months and long-term thereafter. We already had a cashflow spreadsheet but to be honest, as soon as Covid-19 sent the world into chaos and lockdown, this has been completely abandoned! Mark pointed out to us that, if anything, the current situation gives us even more reason to get this up to date so we can plan for best-case and worst-case scenario.

Targets for 2021

We’ve set targets for the next 12 months, we have ideas in mind for our long-term business aims, we have a cashflow forecast and set budgets for areas like marketing, we’re factoring in plans to grow the team – and we even have an appointment today to view a new office! A little premature with all the current uncertainty but you’ve got to start somewhere, right?

Mark finished the session with a quiz question which I’ll put to you: There are 5 frogs sat on a log. 3 decide to jump off. How many are left on the log?

The philosophy graduate in me would like to pose another question to you Mark – If no one was there to see the frogs. were they really there??!

Specialist Automotove Training

To summarise, a day out of the office yesterday yet extremely productive. Don’t forget to spend time working on your business - the “important but not urgent” areas - and don’t put off regular training for your team. Action Coach was great for general business planning, and if you’re looking for Automotive specialist training (sales, aftersales, leadership) then speak to Automotive Mentors who can tailor training specifically for your business.

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